Upset was her father with her performance that he walked off  from the stands before the whistle blew off.

“I am sorry but I am helpless”, she said.

“You need not be! The outcome is always dependent upon you and you can handle it,” he said with a momentary smile on his face.

She could not sleep.

She could recollect everything.

How her father had trained her initially! How he had exclaimed out of joy on her first achievement! How he accepted debt to help her fulfill her destiny! How he had inculcated a sanguine approach in her! Everything ran through her mind like a quick flashback. She knew he would not speak his heart out in front of her. But, she knew that he believed in her. Somehow she felt guilty for it, as if she had cheated him and let him down. As the night passed by, this feeling became prominent and more intense. She became totally restless. At dawn, she figured out that this was not her father’s teaching. She could recall his words – “The outcome is always dependent upon you and you can handle it.” After a night full of hopelessness, these words filled her with innate courage and sheer confidence. She missed her father very much, at the instance, who wasn’t home. But his words calmed her down. She looked at the rising sun and let the gentle breeze kiss her body. At that moment, with all the synergies, she felt one with nature. She experienced something about life.

Tough moments wage wars against our minds and by believing in ourselves our minds receive the energy and confidence to handle them and overcome them. Believing in oneself unleashes the power of one’s mind.


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